Taiga Micro, Inc. - Embedded Systems Development


Key Expertise
  • Electronic Design and PC Board Layout using Altium Designer.
  • Design - Analog, Digital, Microprocessor, FPGA, RF/Wireless, Communications, Portable, Battery Power.
  • Modeling and Analysis - Matlab/Simulink, Spice.
  • Turnkey Development - Boards, Assembly and Test, Firmware, Packaging, Looms and Connectorization.
  • Maunfacturing Logistics, Project Management, Design Evolution, Product Consulting.
Project Highlights
  • Custom Variable Constant-Current LED Driver
  • Miniature 25W AC-DC Converter
  • PLC Firmware for Industrial Automation
  • Communications & Lighting Automation System
  • Marathon Beacon with USB Charging and Modal Output
  • High-Output LED Boards
  • Electric Vehicle Power Control
  • Electric Vehicle LiFePO4 Battery Charger
  • Portable High-Output LED Module
  • ESD Mitigation Program
  • Electrical Compatibility Testing
  • Data Logger for Industrial Oven
  • High Power Solid State Lamp Driver
  • Medical Device Hardware and Firmware

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